Combined KS1 and KS2 day. (Option 1)

Many schools book me for Book Week or an Arts Week etc. and being budget concious would like something for both Key Stages. With this in muiind I have structured the day as follows.

In the morning for KS1 and Foundation Stage, I present:-

A Bumper Bundle of Bears and Books - KS1 and foundation Unlike the afternoon performance, this is in two parts. It is, however, the exact same show. Beginning after morning registration 09.30am. to 10.25am. then recommencing after morning break at about 10.50am. until 11.20am. This leaves time for any nursery children to return to their classrooms. It also allows me to clear my sound and lighting equipment if the hall is to be used for lunch. (If you have a nursery, you may wish to arrange for the afternoon nursery group to be present.)

The afternoon is devoted to KS2. This is a FUN! FUN! FUN! LECTURE. The closest I can find to it is perhaps.... The BBC Christmas Lectures.

Using live classical and rock guitar music, pre-recorded tracks, UV lighting and sound effects, cartoons and humour, I take the children through a tour de force of creativity.

Literacy, Music and Art are the main ingredients on the menu. As an art student in my teens, I was also playing guitar in a rock group. Music and art were always part of what I do. I later added the writing aspect... and here I am.

This 90 minute presentation begins at 1.30pm until 3.00pm. and without a doubt, absolutely stuns the children. They go away wanting to draw, or paint, or write, or compose or ..... simply to create something. I believe I am unique in offering the presentation.

Combined KS1 and KS2 day. (Option 2)

For the school that would prefer something more like a workshop for KS2, the day goes as follows:-

09.15am. after registration. I give my "Author Talk" to KS2 in the hall. This lasts until 10.25am. and deals with character and plot development, After having written scores of scripts for television programmes I pass on a few hints and tips about creative writing.

After morning break, we all meet up in the hall again and I set-out the guidelines for the actual workshop. I give the children photocopiable sheets. View and Download KS2 Worksheet There are three different opening lines to stories. The children choose whichever they want to take forward after returning to their classrooms.

I move between the classrooms with my guitar and look for pieces of writing that I can "underscore" with a little dramatic guitar music. This never fails to spur the children on to write more, in the hope that their's will be read out with underscoring. This workshop continues until lunchtime. I stress that I am not looking for finished work, I simply want to kickstart the children's work which they can then, further develop in their own time.

The afternoon of this Combined KS1 and KS2 day. (Option 2) continues with the afternoon version of

A Bumper Bundle of Bears and Books - KS1 and foundation