Workshop - Bumper Bundle of Bears and Books - KS1/foundation

Many Special Schools have also enjoyed this fun and inspiring performance.

This half-day performance lasts up to 90 minutes including an interval if necessary, and uses the good old "TEDDYBEAR" as its focal point. The aim of this show is to nurture in small children, a love of reading and books, and is frequently linked in a thematic way, with Book-Week and Arts Week events.

Ultra violet lighting - PA System - Stage Props - Magic - Illustrations - Storytelling - Sound Effects - Audience Participation - Pre- Recorded Music etc.

The Schools Library Service in Bolton were the first to see the potential in this performance and they have re-booked me many times since. The minimum performance area required is 4m wide X 2m deep. (I haven't come across a school yet that couldn't accommodate me.) A standard wall socket power supply. It helps if the room/hall can be darkened.

The children are asked to bring their own teddybears to school, in fancy dress, or you could make it a school-time activity. There are traditional songs (Teddybear's Picnic, Me and my Teddybear) and some
magic. (I bring a child's teddybear to life by making it appear to move and speak, with the aid of some simple animatronics).

There is a story about THE THREE SILLY BEARS who, naturally by the end of the story become "The Three Really Clever Bears!!!!" There is a wonderful photo opportunity when two children become dressed as teddy bears. .The show ends with a wonderful space scene painted in vibrant colours. This is something that the children always love to watch ... a picture as it develops. I've returned to many schools some two years later to find my "Space picture" still hanging for all to view


If you wish to raise you school's profile, you can invite the local press to this performance. They are always happy to send a photographer if you tell them you have lots of teddy bears, a presenter from BBCs CBeebies and lots of children they usually jump at the chance. In most cases you can even write and submit your own 'copy'.