About Mike Amatt

Television presenter - Illustrator - Songwriter - Composer - Author

I first began visiting schools in the 1980's. At the time I had my own television programme on the BBC1 for pre-school children. Mop And Smiff was based on the adventures of my own cat and dog. I created and drew the caricatures for the series and wrote all the scripts and music as well as presenting it. This resulted in my being frequently invited into schools mainly for "book related" events. Having no children then, I was pleasantly surprised to learn just how much I enjoyed working with youngsters. I continued to do more children's television and Schools Radio for the BBC well into the 90's. My last series was a farm based programme called Forget-Me-Not Farm. During this time I also became a main presenter on BBC Television's prestigious PLAYSCHOOL. In addition to writing scripts and composing title music for television I also take a touring childrens stage production around the country. It's called "A Smart Attack of Art" I attended Salford College of Art and Design.

The guitar is my instrument of choice. I've played in rock bands in my earlier years and over the last few years I feel I have become quite an accomplished classical guitarist. I also play the mandolin, harmonica and am currently studying the cello.

I live in the north of England and have three children. I have been a Foundation School Governor for several years and have also been the leader and founder of the 40th Bolton (East) Beaver Scouts for 11 years. I have been accredited by Brunel University as a "Schools Associate" which means I am qualified as an "artist" to go into schools and deliver my skills. My presentations are not written in stone. Each visit I make into a school is unique, and I am there to share whatever skills you feel I have, with the children, in whatever way that suits your school.

Should you wish my visit to be  a hybrid of any two presentations, then we can discuss it. 
As a visitor into a school, I'm always aware that, unlike the regular staff, I have a certain degree of "Novelty Value" and wherever possible I employ this to good effect with the aim of nurturing in the children a greater degree of creativity. I am on the register of Artists In Schools for the Bolton, Bury and Rochdale LEA's.