As Easy As AVC

As Easy as AVC - Audio Visual Creativity

After having watched my touring children’s stage production of “A Smart Attack of Art” a teacher approached me and invited me to take the show into her school. I explained that although I have a long and successful track record of workshops and presentations in schools, the performance she had just enjoyed was a fun family show designed for theatres and that in my opinion it had little educational value.

How wrong I was.

Her school was a Special School and in her words, “many of our children are autistic”.

I agreed to visit, and made some changes to accommodate a smaller performance space. I also tightened up the show to include as many illustrations as I could.

My illustrations are all created in a “Rolf Harris” fashion. There is also lots of music happening at the same time plus pre-recorded soundtracks panned in stereo for special effects. At one point I had six youngsters up with me all “Rockin’-on” with plywood air guitars. (I say youngsters because the students watching my show were from 6 – 16 years old.) Have a look at some .Illustrations created during a performance.

The show was planned to be an hour long but we were all having so much fun it overran by almost 15 minutes. We began at 9.30am. and finished at 10.45 am. After a short break I spent the rest of the morning in the art room with about 20 students using black paper and coloured chalk to create still life, space scenes and many other pictures inspired by my show. By the time I was ready to leave at the end of the morning, it was obvious that the enrichment value of my visit had gone through the roof.

I arrived with some apprehensions but left with a feeling of complete satisfaction after a job well done.

Should you wish to book me for a Special School, the 9.30am. – 10.30am. performance seems to fit in well, then a workshop with selected students for the remainder of the morning.

It’s also possible to stage a 1.30pm. – 2.30pm. show for the afternoon but this would leave no time for a workshop. Whatever your audio visual creative requirements are …. I’m always happy to accommodate.